Dear Princess Celestia,

    I'm writing this message as Twilight Sparkle and Spike stopped by at my mind.  They asked me to write to you about friendship for an occasion so, here it is.

    Nights I spent in Jakarta a few days after the reset of Mayan calendar really bugs me. It’s hot and cramped, thus forcing me into insomnia state. Usually in Bandung, it takes half or an hour for me to fall asleep, but here, it could take an hour or two. And because the lack of caffeine and my comfy bed, I tend to oversleep. In Bandung, it only takes around three to five hours of sleep a day (sleeping in class not included). But here in Jakarta, I could sleep for over ten or twelve hours straight (minus a few minutes to pray shubuh).

    As the solution, I tried to turn on some music and made a playlist just for the sake of sleeping. Suddenly (well, not THAT sudden), I almost shed my tears as I heard this one song,

originally taken from here

    It's not like that I missed Axivic, it's just that I thought this song were good and I ought to tell you how I love it. I still loves supercell, by the way.

    The point is, friendship is not a status, it's a cycle of interactions we do. It doesn't have to be a two-way interaction either. You don't expect the feedback, you should only care about what you share. Am I sharing a good thing? Is it good enough? Are there better options? When I'm home, only parents care enough to scold you. Siblings won't be that care. And when I'm in the contracted house of male Axivic of ITB, there are my siblings. When I'm in Genshiken's club room, there are friends whom I really loves to interact with. Family interaction and friendship is really different, ain't it?

    Well, Princess, maybe that's it for tonight, and for the gloomiest semester I've ever had. Have a wonderful new year!

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